Corporate Platforms

Corporate Platforms | AKA Events Hire Perth

AKA Events Hire is a major event supplier. We provide top notch corporate platform hire services to our customers in Perth and other parts of Western Australia.

Like our clients, we believe that there are a number of values vital to a business’ success. We ensure that these values and qualities are reflected in our interaction with our customers and in our products, especially in our corporate platforms.


The quality of our products is second to none. They are designed to withstand time and weather, and are manufactured using first-rate materials and techniques. We give our all in ensuring that you get the results you want. As such, you can trust that our corporate platform hire service is reliable and will give you value for your money.


We offer different kinds of platforms and tailor our services according to your requirements. You will find that our platforms were designed to suit any function or event, and that they are compatible with virtually any surface. Choose among our range of platforms that includes:

  • Undercover platforms
  • Multilevel platforms
  • Viewing platforms
  • Disabled platforms with wheelchair access
  • Media platforms

You can choose from a variety of surfaces including wood, carpet, astro turf, and plastic, as well as a wide range of staircases. We understand that time is of high value to you. We construct and dismantle our platforms fast so that you can use it right when you need it.


We have been in business since 1983. Over the years, we have proven our capacity to satisfy our customers by delivering high-quality results. Our team is composed of people who have honed their craft over time and who know what you want. In fact, we are the trusted supplier for many major events in Perth.

Above all, we work to satisfy you. You will find that everything, from the top-of-the-line corporate platform hire service to our friendly staff, is up to your keen standards. We know what you want. As a business, we know that like us, you want the best.