Pool Cover Hire

Over Pool Flooring & Stage Hire Perth

With pool covers from AKA Events Hire, you can walk over water.

Aside from being a convenient venue for relaxation and fun, a swimming pool incorporates a Zen-like element into your home. While a great addition to your house, it can become a problem when you need to host events or functions and you realise that you are in direct need of floor space. The area occupied by your pool could provide room for more.

Worry not. With over-pool flooring offered by AKA Events Hire, you can transform your pool into a useful space where your guests can walk around on securely. The pool covers / floor is supported by steel bars strong enough to hold your guests’ weight. These same bars keep the floor panels several inches above the water, so you can trust that your pool’s contents remain safe for use after the event.

Our over pool flooring comes with several features that you will find very useful. We surround them with metal balustrades. You can also add a add a marquee if your event happens during the day and you want to avoid the sun and the rain.

You can utilise our over pool dance floors for any event, from formal functions to casual parties. You can use them to transform your swimming pool into a dance floor or a stage. You decide what you want and our pool covers will deliver. It is also cheaper than renting a venue.

We provide our services for both small and large pools. Contact AKA Events Hire or pay us a visit in Perth and tell our friendly staff what you need. We will work out a solution that works for you and suits your requirements. We aim to satisfy our customers always, so we do what we can to give you what you want-even if it is to walk over water.